Top 5 reasons to get a digital skin analysis


We are so lucky to live in a digital age,  what seemed like science fiction 50 years ago is today just normality and the cosmetic skin industry is no different. Until very recently digital skin scanning was just within the remit of the medical world, used to scan for things like melanoma but today we can now use it to predict underlying cosmetic issues that are not yet visual with the naked eye.


Using these skin scanners we can see several layers deep in to the skin showing us things of concern like sun damage, redness, bacteria and oil on the skin, even areas where you might not be exfoliating well enough. This kind of information can really help us to up our skincare game by allowing us to;

  • Focus more on problem areas.
  • Receive a more tailored  individual skincare plan.
  • Confirm we are using the correct skincare and ingredients for our skin type.
  • Decide on the best professional treatments needed.
  • Treat underlying conditions before they surface

If you are a bit bewildered with your skin right now or know someone who is then this is the perfect chance to get to the root of your skin problems and get yourself back on track.


We Love Laser will be hosting Image skincare here on the Thursday 6th of October from 1-8pm, giving digital Skin analyses to clients.  Booking fee is €20 which is redeemable on any treatments or products. For more info call on 012143635 or e-mail

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