Laser Hair Removal Women

Women price list

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Women Combo

ComboPer TreatmentCourse of 6 (prepay by 5 get one free)
UA & Ext bikini€90€450
UA & Braz / Holly€100€500
L. legs & UA €110€550
L. legs & Ext bikini€110€550
L. legs & Braz / Holly€120€600
L. legs, UA & any bikini€160€800
F. legs & UA€160€800
F. legs & Ext. bikini€160€800
F. legs & Braz / Holly€190€950
F. legs, any bikini and UA€199€995

Laser Hair Removal Women Face

AreaPer TreatmentCourse of 6 (prepay by 5 get one free)
Lip €35 €175
Chin €50€250
Lip and chin€70€350
Jaw line€80€400
Sides of face€50€250
Front of neck€80€400
Back of neck€80€400
Full face€100€500

Laser Hair Removal Women Body

AreaPer TreatmentCourse of 6 (prepay by 5 get one free)
Under arms€55€275
Upper arms€70€350
Full arms€85€425
Hands / Finger€35€175
Naval line€35€175
Extended bikini€55€275
Upper legs€80€400
Lower legs€70€350
Full legs€150€750
Feet / Toes€35€175
Lower back€80€400
Upper back€85€425
Full back€140€700
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair removal



by Rachel on the 27/08/15:

Great session. Painless and comfortable. Thank you!

by Susan on the 14/08/15:

This was the best money I ever spent on myself as being hair free is so liberating and time saving…no more razors, waxing, planning ahead for holidays, weekends away when swimming might be an option.
I would highly recommend Julia’s expertise and discretion practised in a hygienic  environment.
Satisfied client.

by Julie on the 04/06/15:

Every visit I have had with you has been a pleasure, apart from the inevitable twinge here and there!
The space is really stylish, clean, it feels very professional but also very welcoming. I’d be happy to recommend We Love Laser to anyone… in fact I already have!

by Eilleen on the 15/04/15:

Excellent service, everyone is so friendly
Julia is an absolute professional so knowledgable about skincare and laser, really feel like it’s the kind of place where they actually care about the client and not trying to sell things for the sake of it
I am attending for laser, but also had a facial recently and my skin was really glowing after was delighted!



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