Skin Boot Camp

Skin boot camp

Skin Boot Camp

Skin Boot Camp:

Personal and tailored program over 8 weeks to see visible change within your skin.

Treatment Schedule:

  • Week 1: Consultation, patch test…    Beginning of the Aspect homecare regime ( Exfoliating cleanser, Vit C serum (am) , Vit A serum (pm) and a moisturizer)


  • Week 3: Reveal new skin and prepare for deeper treaments with an Exfoliation treatment ( Microderm or Dermaplaning)


  • Week 4: Boost the skin with vital anti-oxidants and Hyaluronic acids  to plump and lift your skin with an Hydration treatment ( Intraceuticals ).


  • Week 6: Stimulate the lower layers of your skin with a Collagen induction treatment to work on deep seated skin issues ( Skin needling or IPL Facial )


  • Week 8: Put the finishing touch on your new skin with a Hydration treatment ( Intraceuticals )


Cost of the Skin Boot Camp:

               Price of the package: €499

               Total value of all the above: €729

                 Save: €230


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