Skin Peels

Skin Peels

Skin peels or Chemical Peels are a technique utilised to resurface and regenerate your skin, by gently removing the dull superficial layers, revealing a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Skin Peels come in varying degrees of strength which determine the depth the peels travel into the skin. Deeper peels tend to have longer recovery times yet more dramatic improvements.

When you come to We Love Laser a full skin Consultation will be carried out to decipher what kind of results you are looking for and also which peeling agent will best suit your skin type.

Once we have settled on a treatment plan a patch test will be carried out to rule out any product allergies.

The next step in your peel journey will be skin priming. This step is vital for us to get an even result from your professional skin treatment and to also “wake up” your skin cells healing abilities and productivity. This step is usually carried out two to three weeks in advance of your first peel and can not be skipped.



Experience the performance of Aspect peels

Skin peels

Aspect Dr. Skin Peels

A new addition to the Dr. Aspect range, these cosmeceutical peels represent a true breakthrough in skin care. Dr. Aspect skin peels contain the highest concentrations of chirally correct, active ingredients, using both all-natural, organic resources and high-performance compounds sourced from the most advanced biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Our professional skin care experts will select the perfect formula for your skin needs from Dr. Aspect’s comprehensive formula range. You’ll realize breathtaking and noticeable results with Dr. Aspect cosmeceutical peels after just one treatment—enjoy firmer, youthful skin with a healthy glow!

About Dr. Aspect

Australian owned and Australian made, the Dr. Aspect physicians-only range offers comprehensive lines of condition-specific skin treatments and kits, delivering maximum percentage results that have been proven in clinical trials.

Dr. Aspect products use the most active antioxidants, retinols, and skin preparations, blending naturally derived botanicals with high-octane cosmeceutical corrective to target conditions including discoloration, imperfection, premature aging, temperamental or delicate skin, and much more.

Every Dr. Aspect product is chirally correct and optimally pure, free of chemicals such as :

  • Parabens and harsh preservatives.

  • Mineral oils, propylene glycol.

  • Artificial fragrances.

  • Animal-derived ingredients.

Introducing the Dr Aspect Cosmesudical Skin Peels

More than any other part of our body, our faces project who we are. Our nature is reflected in our expressions, our thoughts are mirrored in our eyes and our wellbeing is reflected in the glow of our skin. Age and environmental stress can blur the edges a bit and our faces no longer represent us as we see ourselves. More men and women are choosing to give nature a helping hand when it comes to projecting our inner self to the outside world.



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