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Advanced Nutrition Programme:

We recently took on a brand of skin specific supplements called Advanced Nutrition Programme. I attended the training the other day in the Beacon and I have to say my mind was blown. We were given an activity of trying to find out the equivalent food you would have to eat in order to get 1 dose  of  any of the supplements and It was crazy! Lets just put it this way I wont be eating 3 servings of kale,  5 spears of asparagus, 3 servings of broccoli 3 sweet potato, 2 grapefruits,  1 green pepper and 1 serving of hazelnuts any time soon :)

I 100% believe in trying to live a healthy lifestyle and have a healthy diet to look better and feel better. I know that I myself however need a little help as I have a very busy lifestyle here in the clinic, working long days and late evenings my diet sometimes isn’t as glowing and healthy as I would like it to be. Instead of beating myself up about it I just supplement and do my best to make good food decisions every day.

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition Programme

What I loved about this brand is that they have a skin specific range so the supplements are formulated with skin first and foremost in mind.

Advanced Nutrition Programme have an acne supplement called Skin Accumax (say good night adult hood acne) This supplement is formulated with Vitamins A, C and E but they also have a phyto nutrient made from broccoli called DIM which balances the hormonal element of the acne. I have had nothing but good reports back from the clients that I have who are using this supplement  check out some result pics below

Advanced Nutrition Programme Before - After

Advanced Nutrition Programme Before – After

This is a 16 year old girl who had fairly moderate to severe acne she wasn’t using any topicals only the Skin Accumax. She started to see a result within 3 months of using the supplements.

Acne anp


Advanced Nutrition Programme have loads of other cool supplements like Skin Omegas which are great for dry or sensitive skins. Skin Complete which is a high strength vitamin A paired with a high strength anti-oxidant,  all of the retinol/vitamin A fans will love this as its basically retinol for inside, which will only serve to boost what your retinol is doing on the outside.

Check out these anti- ageing results from another trial

Anti ageing anp 2

Advanced Nutrition Programme Before – After

Anti ageing ANP

These results were again harnessed from just supplementing alone but if this lady had been using topical products she would have seen an even quicker result.

Supplements are not there to replace a healthy diet they are just that, to supplement a healthy lifestyle. These skin specific supplements will bring your skin regimen to the next level.

Let me know what you think

Julia xx

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